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House bill delays efforts to control runaway state employee health care costs
After months of discussions and finger pointing, the State of North Carolina took a major step backward to curbing skyrocketing health care costs of state…
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ELAP Services has become a Diamond member company!
Diamond membership signifies the highest level of support for SIIA and demonstrates a company’s leadership position within the self-insurance/captive insurance marketplace. “ELAP has been a…
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ELAP Services, Penn Medicine take on health costs in direct contracting deal
Count Stephen P. Kelly among the people who think the way health care providers charge for the medical services they deliver needs to change. Historically,…
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Steve Kelly on talk radio
ELAP’s CEO Steve Kelly was interviewed on WMBD radio in Peoria, IL and shared how employers can exercise their health rights. Listen to this insightful interview…
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Is reference-based pricing right for your borough?
Municipal officials have been faced with healthcare costs that have increased 55 percent since 2007 for family coverage. CEO Steve Kelly’s guest article in the…
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