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A proven approach to lowering your healthcare spend

For more than 14 years, the ELAP solution has helped hundreds of companies save millions on their self-funded health plans. And we receive extremely high marks for our customer service too, including a 78 Net Promoter Score, six times higher than the average score of 13 in the healthcare industry.

Save up to 30%

Lower healthcare spend by up to 30% the first year and continue to save after that with our proven reference-based pricing solution.

Proactive member support

Your members receive comprehensive support from open enrollment to care navigation and bill resolution when needed.

Gain insight into your spend

ELAP’s robust analytics tools provide the data you need to make better healthcare decisions — and save even more.

More than a vendor — a partner

Count on ELAP to provide guidance and share expertise, so you can build a custom plan for your employees’ needs.

Take back control

In 2020, the average healthcare cost increase for U.S. companies was
5% — with some employers experiencing even bigger jumps. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We can help you buck that trend and lower spend by up to 30% without shifting costs to employees or cutting access to care.

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Join the hundreds of companies that have saved millions on healthcare by adding our money-saving solution to your self-funded plan.

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Our reference-based pricing solution is a proven model for reducing healthcare costs so that everyone pays a fair price for healthcare.

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Answer a few questions about your healthcare spend and we’ll provide an instant analysis of potential savings.

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A signature achievement

See how Signature HealthCARE reduced costs, optimized benefits and dramatically improved recruitment efforts with ELAP.

Senior living company sees cost savings

Since switching to the ELAP solution, Chelsea Senior Living was able to keep premiums low while saving almost a million dollars.

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Boat retailer sees maximum impact

See how ELAP has impacted this boat retailer’s bottom line and helped MarineMax realize $5 million in savings.

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Lumber company celebrates 12+ years of results

For 14+ years, The Langdale Company has used the ELAP solution to drive down healthcare costs.

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Quotes from ELAP clients

“The results have been phenomenal. Savings have been drastic, employees are happy with their benefits, deductibles are 20% lower, premiums are 20% lower.”

— Nick Porter, VP Total Rewards, Signature HealthCARE

“The ELAP solution has given us a whole new way of approaching facilities. It helped take away all of the sticker shock with those big hospital bills. It saves money and it provides a great experience – to us as a company and to our individual employees.”

— Ed Shaw, EVP Risk Manager, Caspers Company

“ELAP was awesome helping us roll out the program. We have over 50 stores across the country and a dozen marinas, and ELAP did a great job getting to our folks and helping them understand. The feedback we get from employees when they have to call ELAP is that they make things very, very easy.”

— Ray Bowman Ph.D., SVP of Talent & Team Development, MarineMax

“The member advocates always get high marks from our employees. They’re compassionate about what they do. They understand the members’ concerns and it means a lot.”

— Barbara Barrett, HR Director, The Langdale Company

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Download our 10-year report and see how ELAP has saved clients more than $436 million.

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We’ve got HR covered

We offer complete support for your HR teams and your employees too.

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Find the ELAP solution that’s right for you.

Reference-based pricing

Uncover the benefits of the ELAP cost-savings solution.


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