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ELAP offers resources to help brokers and employers take back control of their healthcare and reduce overall spend.

Turn Healthcare Into a Strategic Advantage

Uncover proven strategies that will make your health plan — and your business — more resilient.
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Considering a Reference-Based Pricing Solution? Four Must-Ask Questions

This informative guide includes essential questions every healthcare decision-maker must ask when choosing a reference-based pricing partner.
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Broker Guide: Improving Your Clients’ Self-Funded Strategy

In this informative guide, brokers will learn how to improve the performance of their clients’ self-funded health plans using proven optimization strategies.
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Employer Guide: Taking Self-Funding to the Next Level

Designed expressly for self-funded employers who want to take their healthcare strategy to the next level, this guide includes the key steps to improve health…
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Take control of skyrocketing healthcare costs

This white paper explores the challenges that many companies face with their healthcare — and lays out a better path forward.
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A Decade of Success With Reference-Based Pricing

Using 10 years of in-market data, this informative report explains the fundamentals of this game-changing healthcare solution.
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