Reference-based pricing: explained

A proven approach to reducing healthcare costs

More than 12 years ago, we launched our reference-based pricing (RBP) solution with our very first client. Since then, we’ve helped more than 500 self-funded companies save millions on their healthcare — with most clients experiencing a 25-30% cost reduction. Results like these have made ELAP the leading RBP solution in the U.S. healthcare industry.

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Data drives better results

Unlike traditional PPO plans that base their payments on inflated prices reported by the provider, RBP takes a more data-driven approach. We use both the actual cost of the service as reported by the hospital and Medicare reimbursement rates, rather than the inflated markup, as a reference to determine a fair and reasonable payment to providers.

Here’s how it works:



Audit claims for errors and unexplained and excessive charges.



Identify the actual cost of the service.



Reprice using Medicare and reported costs.



Determine an equitable payment and margin.


Help clients lower their healthcare spend.


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A signature achievement

See how Signature HealthCARE reduced costs, optimized benefits and dramatically improved recruitment efforts with ELAP.

Restaurant chain serves up cost savings

Since partnering with ELAP, Caspers Company, a Florida-based restaurant operator, has saved $4.8 million versus its previous PPO.

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Boat retailer sees maximum impact

See how ELAP has impacted this boat retailer’s bottom line and helped MarineMax realize $5 million in savings.

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Lumber company celebrates 12+ years of results

For 12+ years, ELAP and The Langdale Company have driven down healthcare costs and increased transparency.

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Quotes from ELAP clients

“The results have been phenomenal. Savings have been drastic, employees are happy with their benefits, deductibles are 20% lower, premiums are 20% lower.”

— Nick Porter, VP Total Rewards, Signature HealthCARE

“ELAP has given us a whole new way of approaching facilities. They help take away all of the sticker shock with those big hospital bills. They save money, they do what they say they’ll do and they provide great customer experience — to us as a company and to our individual employees.”

— Ed Shaw, EVP Risk Manager, Caspers Company

“ELAP was awesome helping us roll out the program. We have over 50 stores across the country and a dozen marinas, and ELAP did a great job getting to our folks and helping them understand. The feedback we get from employees when they have to call ELAP is that they make things very, very easy.”

— Ray Bowman Ph.D., SVP of Talent & Team Development, MarineMax

“The member advocates always get high marks from our employees. They’re compassionate about what they do. They understand the members’ concerns and it means a lot.”

— Barbara Barrett, HR Director, The Langdale Company

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