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How does ELAP reduce healthcare costs up to 30%?

The ELAP solution ensures you and your employees pay a fair price for the care you receive. Here’s a look at the step-by-step approach.

Establish allowable limits

ELAP works with you to update your health plan and embed fair claim reimbursement levels.

Member receives healthcare services

Member goes to any provider they choose.

ELAP reviews and audits the claim

ELAP will audit the claim to identify errors and to ensure charges don’t exceed your plan’s allowable limits.

Expert negotiation

ELAP will negotiate with providers on your behalf when needed.

Industry-leading Member Advocacy

Our Member Advocacy team supports members that receive a balance bill. Legal support is provided if needed.

See ELAP in action

Unlike PPO plans that provide a standard discount on an already inflated charge, ELAP uses reference-based pricing to determine a fair, reasonable cost for care. ELAP pays 70% less than a PPO and 85% less than billed charges for a major hip and knee replacement.

Multiple ways to save

Working with your broker, we can create a tailored solution designed around the specific needs of your business, your budget and your self-funded health plan. The ELAP portfolio includes solutions for hospital and facility claims as well as physician and specialist claims. Ready to find the ELAP solution that’s right for your organization? Let’s get started.

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Comprehensive support

Once you determine which ELAP solution is best for you, we’ll assign a dedicated client relationship manager to implement your healthcare solution and help introduce it to your employees.

HR services

ELAP offers expert advice and comprehensive support for your benefit management team.

  • 24/7 digital access to education, tools and resources
  • Plan performance reporting and analysis tools
  • HR administration support
Member support

We provide proactive support to help ensure your employees pay a fair price for healthcare.

  • Protect members from overcharges
  • Help resolve billing issues
  • Provide guidance and support along the way

How much can you save?

Answer a few questions about your healthcare spend and we’ll provide an instant analysis of your potential savings.

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Reference-based pricing

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