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We’ve helped hundreds of companies save millions on healthcare. Discover real success stories from actual ELAP clients by exploring the case studies below.

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Signature HealthCARE

Long-Term Care
Signature HealthCARE, an award-winning company in long-term care, was able to reduce costs, optimize benefits and improve recruitment with ELAP.
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Caspers Company

Restaurant Operations
ELAP has helped Caspers Company, a Florida-based restaurant operator, save $4.8 million with its reference-based pricing solution.
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Boat Retailer
MarineMax, the world’s largest boat retailer, has saved $5 million since choosing ELAP for its healthcare.
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The Langdale Company

The Langdale Company and ELAP have driven down healthcare costs and increased transparency for more than 12 years with reference-based pricing.
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Financial Services
Tosh was able to transform its bottom line while keeping employee healthcare affordable with ELAP’s help.
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Huffines Auto

Auto Dealerships
ELAP’s reference-based pricing has helped Huffines Auto save more than $16 million and keep healthcare costs from growing.
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