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The ELAP Solution was created on a simple, yet revolutionary idea

People should pay a fair, reasonable price for quality healthcare. The ELAP reference-based pricing solution has helped hundreds of companies save more than $1 Billion on healthcare. More than 14 years later, it’s the leading reference-based pricing solution in the healthcare industry.

The first of its kind

Our co-founders pioneered reference-based pricing in 2007 and we’ve been leading the way ever since.

A decade of results

We’ve been helping companies and their employees improve access to affordable care longer than anyone. Download our 10-year Report for the full story.

Healthcare innovator

We continue to improve the model by strengthening our solution, integrating new services and adding new partners.

Industry-leading advocacy

Our member advocates work to promote a system that is fair and equitable. We stand shoulder to shoulder with our clients and their employees.

Top in customer satisfaction

Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) demonstrates our commitment to customer service with a world-class ranking of 78, an excellent rating that puts us as one of the the best in any industry.

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