Citizen Diplomats talk social impact and healthcare


Citizen Diplomats are business leaders and in April, Steve Kelly of Elap Services, welcomed a multinational group to his headquarters in Wayne. They discussed how American businesses help drive economic, environmental and other social change through a triple bottom line. ELAP Services was founded to address the American issue of skyrocketing healthcare costs overburdening employers and employees. For a decade they have been a catalyst of change in the ongoing healthcare debate.

During the visit, international Social Entrepreneurs and Elap employees broke out into round tables to talk one-on-one about how each visitor is making social change in their home countries. Projects range from makerspaces to activating public spaces through the arts.

Thank you to Steve Kelly and Elap Services for being leaders in the healthcare industry and not being afraid to challenge the status quo.

Elap invests in employee leadership and creative thinking to sustain their strong passion for the company’s mission. Opportunities like these are possible through Citizen Diplomacy’s Corporate Partners program. Exchanges between international business peers bring fresh perspective of not only looking at your business, but a new way of seeing the world. Click here to learn more about Citizen Diplomacy’s Corporate Partners.

Published 5/21/2019,

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