Cover Story in The Self-Insurer featuring Classic Auto Group


Bently Durant of Classic Auto Group is leveraging savings from ELAP’s reference-based pricing (RBP) solution to retain and attract talent in an incredibly tight labor market. “Our first investment was to reduce the out-of-pockets, and at some point, completely eliminating them,” he explains, noting that “there hasn’t been a premium increase since 2018.”

Today, the company is investing in better healthcare benefits like telemedicine, along with boosting their minimum wage, doubling vacation pay for salespeople, increasing holiday pay, providing a lowered tenure requirement for higher pay levels and signing bonuses.

Check out the full article to learn how they moved into this enviable position. Jump-Starting the Talent War – With a reinvestment of health care savings, Classic Auto Group is poised for a competitive leg up during an air-tight labor market

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