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How HR can lower healthcare costs without reducing coverage
Large employers currently pay about $500 more in healthcare costs per employee than they did just a year ago—money every company would love to have back.…
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The health care plan that will help you retain, attract drivers
It’s hard to keep a high-grade fleet. There are driver shortages, high turnover, escalating benefits costs, low-profit margins — the list goes on. These factors…
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How self-funding can address changing health care needs
While some brokers are apprehensive about exploring new health care options, brokers who embrace the movement before their competition can use it to their advantage.…
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Exposing common misconceptions about reference-based pricing
Informed brokers can offer sound counsel about reference-based pricing as a cost-containment solution. It’s not a new story — insurance premiums continue to rise, and…
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The New Year’s resolution you should keep: Managing your healthcare costs
January is the month of new beginnings, and of course, New Year’s resolutions. But beyond setting a personal goal this year, what if you decided…
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Is health care killing your profits?
Auto dealers must consider alternative pricing models as the cost to provide employee health care continues to grow. In the auto industry, sales are king.…
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