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A Rock Solid Baseline For Transparent Pricing And Quality Care

Before starting the Audit Program, ELAP will review your Plan document for compliance with applicable regulations. Then, ELAP assists in developing and installing Plan language that contains clearly stated and rational limits of reimbursement for facility claims based on Medicare and the provider’s actual cost of delivering a service, not the inflated billed charges.

These limits, known as “Allowable Claims Limits,” — are consistent with ERISA and DOL guidelines and protect your organization from wasteful spending by starting the reimbursement conversation at a consistent and rational benchmark.

ELAP: A Co-Fiduciary And Ally For Crucial Decisions

ELAP will also install itself as “co-fiduciary” of the Plan, establishing that our duty is to act only in the best interest of the Plan and member which allows us to assist clients in making sound Plan decisions.

As a co-fiduciary, ELAP shares in the liability for the proper functioning of the Plan. We’re proud to stand side-by-side with our clients in pursuit of fair and transparent health care pricing, and our co-fiduciary responsibility proves our commitment to that value.