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Forging Valuable Connections Between Employers and Providers

ELAP Services LLC is engaged by employer groups that sponsor self-insured health and welfare benefit plans for their members. ELAP is in a unique position to facilitate direct contracts between employer groups and health care providers. These contracts are structured to maximize employees’ use of the health care system in exchange for economic and wellness incentives.

First, employer groups establish a personalized, ongoing relationship with their selected health care system(s). We work to eliminate the “remote” link that exists under more traditional plans, since many employers note the frustrating lack of direct communication between plan and provider. Next, ELAP develops a direct contract that steers patients toward select providers in exchange for competitive pricing and clinical enhancements.

The direct interaction between employer and provider is an opportunity to take an active role in the health and wellness of plan members. Employers and providers can model the contract to include a variety of compelling differences from traditional plans on key factors from disease management, to the alignment of economic interests between employer and provider. ELAP Services has managed and executed direct contracting relationships between employer groups and hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, and a variety of other providers across the nation.