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ELAP was founded initially to serve as an outsourced claims fiduciary for self-insured plans. In this capacity, we work as the “designated decision maker” for our clients to ensure that all terms and conditions of the plan are enforced in a consistent manner.

ELAP protects employers acting as sponsors of self-funded health plans, and it also supports the TPA’s who administer these plans on behalf of their clients. ELAP provides a unique, outsourced strategy to execute the responsibilities of being a plan fiduciary.


  • Court decisions have defined and heightened fiduciary responsibility under ERISA.
  • Fiduciaries must be reasonable, prudent, diligent and unbiased — with an undivided loyalty to the plan beneficiaries.
  • The Department of Labor requires all benefit decisions and appeals to be made within strict time frames and in consultation with an appropriate medical professional.
  • HIPAA requires rigorous protection of patient confidentiality. ELAP, as co-fiduciary to the plan, will help implement HIPAA-compliant protocols to protect the confidential health data of your members.

ELAP offers specialization to employers and plan sponsors who may be unfamiliar with the intricacies of plan regulation. By partnering with ELAP, plan sponsors can operate their core business and minimize the time associated with benefit plan issues.