MYR Group, Inc.


For many years, MYR Group was paying astronomical costs for their employee’s healthcare. They finally hit a breaking point in 2011, with costs around $13,000 – $14,000 per employee per year and continued increases on the horizon. They brainstormed ideas to reduce costs, including multi-tiered plans, private exchanges, and a high deductible plan for employees. However, they could see this was merely shifting the cost around, not addressing the actual problem – the irrationally high billed charges levied by providers. Without attacking that, their overall cost would always be a burden.

ELAP Solution

MYR Group realized something needed to change quickly. The group spoke with their consultant about their specific needs, who ultimately introduced them to the ELAP solution. After partnering with ELAP, MYR Group was able to bring price transparency and the same fiscal discipline they practice in other areas of their business to their healthcare space. Instead of trusting the PPO discount for a fair price, ELAP audited every claim over $2,000, line by line, and adjusted the claim accordingly to the actual cost of service for the provider plus a reasonable profit.

We didn’t want to put our employees in a situation where their out-of-pocket costs would increase


Ultimately, MYR Group reduced their healthcare spend to $9,000-$10,000 per employee per year, roughly a 30% decrease in overall spend, and has experienced consistent savings year over year. Not only did they not have to drastically increase premiums for their employees, but they have stayed low since adopting the program.