IBT, Inc.

We wanted to be on the cutting edge of healthcare. We wanted something different.


In 2013 IBT Inc., a family-owned multistate supplier, experienced a couple of large claims and were about to be hit with a 24% increase to their premiums. They had a 50+ year relationship with their carrier, but in their highly competitive, and razor-thin-margin business, this type of increase would be catastrophic. They had to do something new – and fast.

ELAP Solution

They weren’t looking for something that would just stem the tide and turn a 24% increase into “just” a 10% increase – they were looking for something that would get to the heart of the healthcare cost problem – irrationally high-billed charges. Their search led them to ELAP, who partnered with them to look at healthcare the same way they would any other business expense. By analyzing all provider bills, line-by-line, ELAP ensured that IBT paid their healthcare bills with fiscal discipline and that the providers received a fair profit for their services.


IBT felt the impact of working with ELAP right away, reducing their claims cost nearly 20% in year 1. After small premium increases in the first couple of years, they had no increase at all when they renewed in 2015. Instead of “closing their doors” – IBT used innovative thinking to give themselves a huge edge over their competitors and continue to keep their employees and their families covered.