Check City


Successful companies are always trying to look several years ahead, and Check City was no different when looking at their healthcare costs in 2013. With all the changes coming to the healthcare industry, they wanted to make sure they could keep their overall cost down long term and never have to push the cost onto their employees.

ELAP Solution

Check City was introduced to ELAP through their TPA. They did research on the savings ELAP could provide and reached out to client references to hear more about their experience. They liked what they heard and enrolled with ELAP. With ELAP’s help, Check City was able to attack the claims cost by paying their provider bills based on the actual cost to deliver the service, not the inflated billed charges.

ELAP is a great company to have in your corner. They really help take the pressure off increasing healthcare costs.


Check City was rewarded for their forward-thinking; saving nearly 25% on their overall healthcare spend in year 1 with ELAP, and their employee premiums have not increased once since making the switch. While their competition tries to navigate the murky waters of the healthcare system, Check City has found a clear path to savings and sustainability.