Bill Miller BBQ

Just like when I buy my brisket, I will not pay above market value. I want to know I’m receiving a fair market price


In 2007, Bill Miller BBQ was growing fast, but healthcare costs were growing faster. At the same time they were adding new employees that needed healthcare coverage, costs to provide them with that coverage were increasing 5-7% annually. More employees and higher costs quickly made healthcare the biggest company expense and was severely cutting into their profitability and growth.

ELAP Solution

Bill Miller decided to go on the offensive and find an innovative solution to significantly cut costs without reducing the quality of care for their employees. They started to look at healthcare the same way they looked at any other business expense. They connected with ELAP through their broker and TPA and found a match. ELAP worked with Bill Miller to establish direct contracts with hospitals and doctors in which they agreed to charge for care based on the actual cost of services. Any bill over $2,500 went to ELAP and they ensured that Bill Miller wasn’t charged a penny over what was fair and agreed to. If the hospital didn’t accept the payment and balance billed an employee, ELAP came to the defense of the member.


The ELAP difference was felt right away, with Bill Miller saving almost $500,000 in just the first 6 months of the program. In the 7 years since, they have saved $1m-1.5m annually, keeping their costs stable while national healthcare costs continue to rise. On average, the ELAP program has saved Bill Miller 25% on their total healthcare spend without any year over year increases. Despite a growing workforce, Healthcare has been replaced as Bill Miller’s #1 cost and they enjoy mutually beneficial relationships with the providers in the area. Their employees are able to get the same care as before at a fraction of the cost while the company is free to grow without burdensome waste holding them back.