Our Cost Plus (medical bill) Audit Program

What are people saying about ELAP Services and our Program’s positive impact on self-funded plans across the country? ELAP has been featured in several articles and radio programs. 

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Medical bills are often highly inflated and increasing at an unsustainable pace.

Read the Time Magazine article, "Why Medical Bills are Killing Us."


Apply common business sense, as is permitted and expected under the prevailing laws.

Read the ELAP Services White Paper,  “Put Your Claims Costs Back in the Box.”

America's Healthcare Advocate Show

America's Healthcare Advocate Radio Show

Woody Waters (VP & Principal) and Tom Pusic (Director of Business Development) appeared on America’s Healthcare Advocate radio show, hosted by Cary Hall.

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The New York Times

The New York Times

Steve Kelly (President  & Principal) was quoted in The New York Times' article, "The Cure for the $1,000 Toothbrush"
Download ELAP's Press Release, with more detailed commentary by Steve Kelly
Read the article, "The Cure for the $1,000 Toothbrush", By Tina Rosenburg in its entirety from The New York Times, which includes the thoughts and experiences of a Texas-based ELAP client.


WHYY - Philadelphia

Steve Kelly and a satisfied plan member were interviewed on WHYY in Philadelphia.

Listen to the show and read the article on WHYY's Newsworks.org
"Philly-area firm leads the hospital-bill fight vs. the $500 Tylenol", The Pulse, by Jack Seward

Georgia Health News

Georgia Health News

Georgia Health News featured an article describing testimony by Woody Waters and ELAP’s longest existing client, in a hearing of the Georgia House Committee for Health and Human Services.

"Firm Says Hospitals Unjustly Billing its Workers"