About ELAP


We’re on a mission to make health care fair. We empower employers, patients and their families to get the most value from their health spend– bringing clarity, consistency and fairness to the entire health experience.

To accomplish this mission day in and day out, we’re constantly on the move:

Moving Together

We don’t just serve our clients. We empower them to live healthier, happier lives by getting the medical treatment they deserve at a fair, transparent cost. There are no opposing sides at ELAP. We engage all stakeholders, from employers to health care providers, to join us in a unified goal — to make health care fair. We all have a role to play. As a united force, we can accomplish more than any single individual.

Moving The Needle

We all deserve to understand our health care costs. We’re holding the industry accountable and demanding transparency, even if it means disrupting business as usual. We hold ourselves to the same standard. We act with swift, deliberate action to get our clients the access to care and pricing information they deserve.

Moving Mountains

Our mission will not be accomplished in a day. Building a better, more transparent system takes passion, courage and time. ELAP is on the cutting edge of that change, committed to innovations, solving today’s problems and setting a course for the future.

The ELAP Difference

American employers pay more in health care costs than employers in any other country in the world. Markups and inconsistent pricing by health care providers and insurance companies contribute to these issues and have continued to escalate in the last few years. ELAP Services LLC (ELAP) works with self-funded employer groups to understand and control employee health care costs. ELAP assists in plan design and jointly establishes limits for payment of medical claims that correlate to the providers’ actual cost of services.

ELAP works with the clients’ stop loss carrier to ensure cohesion between the plan document and stop-loss policy, with a special focus on catastrophic claims management. In doing so, ELAP supports the plan sponsor’s fiduciary duty to prudently manage plan assets, make appropriate coverage determinations and manage appeals in a manner compliant with the Employment Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA).

ELAP assumes certain defense obligations on behalf of our client base in support of this process, and seeks to establish direct, transparent contracts on behalf of self-funded employer groups with providers on a regional and national level. ELAP adheres to the principles of transparent pricing, objectivity and fair reimbursement practices.