ELAP's Mission/Vision

ELAP's Mission

ELAP’s mission is to recognize a medical provider's actual cost in delivering services and to allow a fair margin above that cost.

ELAP’s belief is that transparency and collaboration between self funded employers and medical providers is the path forward to a system that respects the rights of the employers paying for care and fairly compensates the medical providers delivering the care.

ELAP's Vision

ELAP works to build transparent rational pricing structures in the client's self funded employee health plans. ELAP develops a direct interface between plan clients and the medical providers that deliver care to the employees and their families. Once that direct interface is established and an equitable reimbursement process is underway, the plan and providers will collaborate on the best path to serving the needs of the employees and their families.

ELAP invests in our clients’ success through our captive insurance company. The captive protects clients, partners’ and affiliates in the event of a dispute over reimbursement. Furthermore, the captive allows self funded employers and medical providers to align incentives through alternative insurance structures.